Be Yourself

This phrase might sound familiar to most of the people out there.Is this merely just a phrase which says be you? Well, to me(23 years experienced person, I feel oldddd) it is simplified version of saying you are unique the way you are and not forgetting beautiful your own way as well.

It’s a bit strange for a girl who has million and one person she admires and wishes she was like them one day(her preference of who she wants to be changes from time to time) to actually depict something on being yourself everyday and all the time. Another question arise in my mind, was I guilty to feel I wanted to be like somebody else other than me….? It took roughly 4 months to answer this question.

Answering this question with another question ” Why were the person I wanted to be changes from time to time?” Why? (My boss always tells me this “there isn’t any useless questions but just there is need of proper resources to answer them, so you might need to wait a little longer for the answers”).  The fact known to the mind is not known to the heart. Well heart is always the difficult one to convince (I guess every one is quite familiar with the games played by heart… yes… then no and yes again). Well, let me tell you guys “No one is perfect, guys….. no one”. Yes, you heard it right. In the mighty mind of ours, we have collected the bit and pieces of things we like and we feel it is perfect instead of seeking motivation from it. We tend to develop a picture perfect figure based on the pieces we treasured and wishes we were that one day. Even though we know deep down inside it is impossible to be the picture perfect figure that we dream off. Trust me people, I am computer science student and there isn’t any software which are completely bugs free and that means even robots can’t be the perfect figure you dream off.

Trial after trial trying to be the picture perfect figure, we tend to fall into depression and some even start hating themselves for not being the “imagination you”. Asking this question to myself and everyone out there “Why would you want to be some else ?

For this part, I suggest you to read it with a different voice in mind (strong one to make it sound powerful): Guys, you are amazing. Yes, you absolutely fabulous. You are one in billion and no one can ever be YOU.  You are perfect just the way you are (if you have heard this somewhere or from someone, seriously thank them and keep them close to your heart always coz people like this are rare).Way perfect than your imaginary friend. Only you can be the best version of yourself. It is not wrong to admire someone and seek motivation to be a better version of yourself.

Being you is actually more difficult and we often lost in the search of ourselves (it is not late to discover you again). What do you think about being yourself ? What is stopping you to be you?

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