Failure > Success

A story of Computer Science student trying writing. So basically wanted to tick one of the item off my bucket list before 2017. Before that, Happy New Year amazing people. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead. Writing was something I really loved and will always love. Writing is best way to express oneself. Starting off the very first blog post of mine with assalamualaikum and wishing you great days people.

Failure was something that all of us wanted to keep away from our lives. Well, yeah it was also me not long ago. According to Mr Google, failure is lack of success or the neglect or omission of expected or required action. Failure was never present in my dictionary… This reminds me of a scene in the movie “Chennai Express” Deepika Padukone asked “where did you get such a useless dictionary” when Shah Rukh Khan said “the word “impossible” doesn’t exist in his dictionary” (I love Bollywood and I take their dialogue seriously). I have to admit otherwise today because the today me doesn’t exist without the failures I had in life. Failure did push me to do more and more everyday way harder than success did. Failure is not the ending but it is trials to route you to bigger success in life. Not forgetting trials from Allah reflects his love for us.

Every failure of mine lead me to a beautiful path or I could say it was a stepping stone for my future success. The failures I was once embarrassed off are the stepping stones I am proud off today.

Five years ago, I was shattered with the failure that broke me down so much that I had to give up my dream of becoming an engineer. I almost wanted to quit studies and start a small bakery (what else could I do) where I thought I was not fit for studies. There were voices that believed in me more than I did in myself and also taking this opportunity to thank them for their words of encouragement and motivation during my down time. I am truly blessed, alhamdulillah for every one of them in my life. This down time of mine taught me more lessons. I was lucky that I meet with my support system. Every word of encouragement from the people around me were hardcoded in my brains. I continued my studies with regret of lifetime in heart but I worked really hard that I never wanted to fail again. I didn’t want to disappoint the people who believed in me and most importantly the heart of mine was not strong enough to fail again. During the period of achieving the second dream of mine, I realize that I was getting stronger but I felt really low and worried when I see the students dressed in green uniform (it was outfit for engineering students in my university). Worry of mine slowly turned into motivation to achieve what I want in life. Little that I know, I will soon achieve the first dream of mine as well as the second. Today, I am Test Engineer (I had tears of joy when I first saw the job offer email). Well, to see the word engineer a part of my job position was able to the solve my regret of lifetime. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah and He knows what is best for me.

Failure helped me achieve my dreams, made me into a better person where I took the period of time to recover to do better and meet amazing and supportive people. I don’t know whether if success would have given this much of value to my life and even if I am given a second chance to restart this all over again, I will definitely choose failure that leads me to this because Allah is the best planner and He knows the best. He will drive me to where is best for me.

To incredible people don’t feel down with the failures of yours, I am sure it will lead you to the best in your life. Each time you failure, it means you deserve something better and there comes another chances to do better. Just work hard for it and Allah will do the rest.




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