According to Mr Google, dream is known as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. Talking about dream, I remembered something back then during high school when I use to be night owl who stayed up very late every night studying and going back to sleep hoping I don't... Continue Reading →

Be Yourself

This phrase might sound familiar to most of the people out there.Is this merely just a phrase which says be you? Well, to me(23 years experienced person, I feel oldddd) it is simplified version of saying you are unique the way you are and not forgetting beautiful your own way as well. It's a bit... Continue Reading →

Failure > Success

A story of Computer Science student trying writing. So basically wanted to tick one of the item off my bucket list before 2017. Before that, Happy New Year amazing people. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead. Writing was something I really loved and will always love. Writing is best way to express oneself.... Continue Reading →

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