Japanese at Bocosan Izakaya

What comes to your mind when people say “Japanese” ? To me I could say their Bullet train, the Spring with cherry blossoms (I wish one day I will be walking along an alley in Japan and my path is showered with these gorgeous flowers…. that day will be just beautiful and perfect), Return of Superman Sarang Choo and her family (my family and I just love her especially her food adventures), anime, their long-hour working culture and loyalty, mini Teah (my good friend Fatihah Alwani’s nieces and her family and not forgetting sushi. I hope may Allah allow me to visit this beautiful place soon.

Talking about sushi, it is not I dislike it but I have seafood allergies , I don’t eat raw food and the strong smell of the seaweed makes it not really suitable for my taste bud. Therefore, each time when people say “Japanese”, I back off because in my opinion they only sell sushi. Well, I have many friends who just love Japanese food (sushi) and Fatihah Alwani always talks about sushi, if I say Japanese food. Even though, it is partly my fault for not trying to know them (sorry, I didn’t know people). While discussing for our team lunch, somebody suggested “Japanese….. yes Japanese”. With me who has food allergies limiting the restaurant choices we have, we decided on Japanese at Bocosan Izakaya. I didn’t mind much coz if I am not satisfied with what I going to have there or not full, I will take the chance to drop by my favourite bakery nearby ( I love desserts and pastries more and I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner even supper).

Looking at what Bocosan Izakaya has on its menu, definitely broke my concept of Japanese restaurant only sell sushi.  As I am not a fan of noodles, I choose a chicken rice set which is called “Chicken Katsu Curry”. It is a crispy chicken cutlet with Japanese curry over rice. Each of the set includes Bocosan Signature Rice, Miso Soup, Salad, Appetiser and dessert.


Masya Allah, after trying this I regretted why I didn’t try Japanese before. It was so good, even their wakame seaweed floating soup (Miso Soup). I truly loved it. The one in the covered was the Miso soup. The soup on the open bowl tasted a bit like Indian curry (Indian gene in me loved it). Salad bowl which made me feel like I am eating healthy. Mostly, I was so excited about my dessert the famous raindrop dessert.


The raindrop dessert itself has no taste, it is just taste like a plain jelly.  The taste of it is from the brown sugar syrup and soy bean powder. If you eat it together, it is nice.

Speaking about food, I forget everything else. The ambiance of the place was just too good. Such a calm and quiet place, extremely suitable for meet-up for Japanese food lovers. The hospitality was great. I have a habit of finishing my food and drinks (when my dad is not around lar, if not he helps me). I take one sip on my drink and it gets refill immediately. Therefore, until the end my drink was never finishing.

Summarizing my first attempt in trying Japanese were awesome.  Japanese restaurants are not all about sushi and raw fish. They have great cooked meal.

How was your first experience trying Japanese food? Please do comment below to share your experience with me. Haven’t try Japanese yet, you should people….

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