Give it a try!

Assalamualaikum and wishing you people a very good day. Hope you all are doing well and awesome. It has been quite some time since I updated my blog. Been busy and to be honest finding the motivation to write had been really difficult this year, apologies people. I hope this article will compensate, me missing for too long. Personally, I would love to take this opportunity to those who reached out to me saying that they miss my blog post: People, thank you so so much and I love you people so so much. Recording it here “they said they are my fans (happy tears)”.  In the world where I have to force my own family members to read my articles (like literally force them by asking them to summarize their read if not they won’t read), people telling me that they enjoy reading them could mean a lot. Let’s talk about life.

Being 25 feels really old(no offense to people older than that I feel so much older than I was last year) but I feel my little cousin who is 4 years old is more matured than me in so many ways. With that, I am not left with any option other than accepting the fact that I AM AN ADULT NOW! Long ago, I remember reading a lot about being 25-30 mostly on Twitter(Twitter people, you totally understand what I am talking about right). I just told myself that age is just a number and nothing to worry about it. Things weren’t the same when I finally hit 25(not forgetting the part I almost broke my leg and was worried about the healing process coz I am no longer young, don’t worry me and injury are best friends – always there), I was worried that I am turning 30 in 5 years, I was worried that I have neither achieve anything big in my life nor in the process to achieve one, I haven’t achieve everything that I wanted to before 25 which made me feel like failure in life. To summarize, I have no idea what I am doing with my life or what I am about to do in life? The question of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is the most terrifying question to me. These were bothering me way too much. From my recent meeting with my friends, colleagues, and people from my age group, I heard something really common to what I was going through or as mentioned above. Therefore, it was not only me but a lot of people are going through the same phase in life. Reminded me of my final year of the degree, me texting my dad: how useless I felt in life and will not achieve anything at 2am that was what he was supposed to deal with a daughter like me. Since I have faced a similar situation before, I told myself that I need to find myself a motivation in life or the big goal I need to achieve in the next 5 years so that I can feel better at least in 5 years’ time.

Another thing, I want to really add: People, Allah will only test you with what you are able to withstand and Allah will never burden you with anything more than that. Read the sentences before over and over again and understand it as it could solve more than 20% of your worries. Since I have faced a similar situation before, I told myself that I need to find myself a motivation in life or the big goal I need to achieve in the next 5 years so that I can feel better at least in 5 years’ time. It means start working on what you want to achieve. It is not going to be easy but definitely worth it. Btw, it doesn’t matter what is your age or circumstances, just start working your passion. If you have your reasons of not able to start working on it, I am really sorry but I need to tell you this – you don’t want it badly enough to start working on it. Some people can tell me “Well, I don’t know what my vision is for the future”. Leaving you some quoting by Simon Sinek that might help:

A just cause is about the future. It’s about where we’re going, right?  You can have multiple just causes. You can have one professionally, you can have one personally, you can have one for your family, you can have one for your church. And we’re involved in all of these. There’s massive pressure put on people, especially young people to what’s your vision?  Well, we’re not all Steven Jobs and Bill Gates. We’re not all visionaries. We don’t have to have a vision, but we do have to find a vision that we can find someone else’s vision and we are so compelled by it that we want to make it our own. That’s what it means to go work for a company with a visionary leader that we believe in that vision so clearly that we take their vision and we make it our own and we will happily contribute our work, our effort in order to advance what is now my vision, right? Martin Luther King had a vision. He stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and told us his vision, but his vision became our vision. So, I may not have come up with that vision,  and I found it and I ‘d like to devote time and energy to help advance it.

During the process of finding the motivation in life(well I still am finding for more), I begin to seek inspiration from people around me – how do they work and deliver in life. Honestly, they thought me a lot in life and offered advice and powerful words that really gave me the confidence to go for things I was initially afraid or I gave so much thought of doing or not. Must say extremely thankful for these people in life. May Allah bless and ease everything for these people and all of us. Important note: you will attract what you seek.

One day, going through my personal email and found one email that I partially drafted like 6 months ago but didn’t have the guts to send it as I felt I wasn’t ready and I just don’t know whether I will be able to do it or not. I remember the words someone told me “You just have to be brave and do it”. I carefully continued the email and my heart was about to pop out when I wanted to press the “Send” button. Finally, I sent it and waited anxiously, I just couldn’t wait, patience isn’t my thing. I wanted to direct message this person on Instagram or Facebook, then I was like “no, no not professional” and I was like “LinkedIn then”. It is a holiday, let’s just wait. After like 3 days, this person replied to me and I was literally jumping up and down and without thinking further, I mentioned “He replied to me” on the story. My inbox exploded with the question “Who is he?”. I terribly regretted it later but that is not the whole point. I actually scheduled an appointment with this person to seek advice. I seriously need to tell you I picked the right person. He was so convincing that I could do it and believed in me like always. The process was not easy for roughly two hours. The amount of help he willing to offer were just wowwwwww. Superb thankful. I will let you people know what is it about soon in sya Allah. With this many things in life changed, I felt like I found a purpose in life and new breath. I still don’t know how things going to be but the risk is worth taking.

So now I am telling you what someone told me “You just have to be brave and do it” whatever it is. I am not saying you will excel in everything you try but without trying you will never know whether it is possible or not. It’s okay to fail but it is not okay to not try at all. Sometimes you don’t get a reply at all. It’s okay as well. Sharing something that hit me hard when I was watching this Netflix Series – Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates:

Bill wrote to the most prestigious universities asking them to think about fixing the world’s toilet problem so that together they could begin saving lives. Most didn’t bother to reply.

If even Bill Gates’s email could go unanswered, who are we? Therefore, take this chance and give it a try people! Always remember, Allah will always direct you to the correct path. 


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