Dr V Karthiaini

I know this is two days late, deepest apologies dearie. From the day you left for your Medicine school, I have been envisioning this day every time I think of you and talk to you and really really hope that I will be able to be there on your big day. I knew you will make it love 💪🏻And I actually was there physically that day🙊, meant so so much for me personally😍. All thanks to the team for having a convocation here in Malaysia and to our Sange for taking us there 😘❤️Starting from the very first day, I just love love how determined you were with your dream and I know how much you worked for this. You totally deserve this!!! All those thick books you showed me over the call that you need to study, every viva you were scared off(I know you did extremely well), every organ pic, your best friend there(I don’t remember his name) and every test and everything paid off. Remember I told you to envision this day. This is the reality

I am so so happy for you love and I must agree it was so so hard for us to not be able to see you physically here at times but you never made us miss you too much and made your presence known around us always. Thank you love 💖I really wish new inventions should be made so that we teleport ourselves to you and vice versa when you go for higher education again in sya Allah.

“Dr V Karthiaini” ❤️

Superb proud of you my love and I am sure Mama and Patti will be too 😘😘😘Congratulations dearie. You deserve this and much more in life. You were an inspiration to me and so many of us. May God bless you always 💗

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