Night Jungle Trek

Throwback to one of the amazing and coolest thing I did last year that I still don’t believe I did it 😅Night Jungle Trek to see Glow-in-dark things and scorpions 🦂(they glow in the dark too but with UV light you can see it). Well it was not planned at all. Scary-cat me wouldn’t have signed up for this ever. Last minutes before the trek, the person who was suppose to go on the trek couldn’t go and my colleague said “Jom, Sakeena” as if going for lunch kan. All thanks to sugar rush, I was like let’s go but don’t mind me if I ever scream there yeah. I seriously do crazy things with sugar rush(only recently found out about this), one of the reason I really control my sugar intake these days. Well, good thing coz it is one of my resolutions this year. It just gives you unbelievable strength and confidence you know 😅🙆🏻‍♀️ And I love love glow-in-dark things so so much and was really curious how it will be like too 🤔

Requested to be behind Ivan and behind me was Kak Huda.Thank you for the headlight, Raziman. I know I will survive #insyaAllah ☺️Started the trek and stopped somewhere and the guide instructed to turn off all the lights. In my mind, can’t we keep one on at least? But no. We all stood there in complete darkness somewhere in the jungle at the bottom part and very little light trying to enter the place but it is obstructed by the thick trees on the top. It was stunning view. So like Vampire Diaries scenes in Jungle you know. I thought I am about to scream in abit with that kind of darkness. Thanks to all my night walk back home. It felt similar, so no worries. I was actually braver than I thought I would be. Slowly we saw the plants below begin to glow #masyaAllah🤩 It was so so beautiful😍 As time progress, more plants begin to glow and there were a bug blinking as well it seems(I didn’t see it though). Seriously all praises to Allah. But I must tell you just subhanallah…. Subhanallah… Masya Allah ❤️ He definitely is the greatest of all. You seriously need to experience it yourself, I am out of words to describe the entire feeling.

Lights back on, continued but couldn’t go deep down as it was raining and some places were flooded with water. Therefore, rerouted to different part, there were the scorpions but unable to see with bare eyes. The guide had a UV light that helped us to see it (as you see in the pic). Initially I was like I am going to look from far only but then I went near and took a closer look at the scorpions(it was the sugar I tell you). The guide was whispering coz we didn’t want to frighten the lil fellas. I was like what?. He said do you want to give your finger? So that all of us can have a better look at it. Some ppl supported the idea. Then also mentioned I could get MC on Monday. These ppl I tell you🙄 Walked to few other places and then came back to the starting place again near the bon fire. Then I was like that’s it? They were like yeahhhhhhh. So basically I was scared for that. They went yeahhh again 😅😂#greatexperience

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