Graduation Appreciation: Amma


You have been one iron lady that I was and still am impressed with on daily basis on how you could do things and keep up with everything, seriously everything and every time(moms are the best). You taught me and told me over and over again that “Nothing is Impossible” in every step I hesitate to take in life, be it big or small. Begin with the name of Allah, He will guide you, you reminded.  I remember the days I cried that I couldn’t get the calculus formula right, couldn’t remember the memory sharing between processes, my code didn’t work as expected and I didn’t score in my quizzes and tests. You were there and right there, wiped away all my tears and worries. Spent hours and hours on call to ensure I was okay and I am not homesick even though I was not miles away from home (Gombak je 😂). My siblings hated me coz I took most of my mom’s time and still do. You even predict my marks way before I sit for exams: “Sakeena, this time your marks are going to be low coz you didn’t work that hard”. That means I need to work hard from that moment, no break. You pushed me to work harder and harder to reach my goals. Most importantly, you let me dream(dream is seriously a beautiful thing in the life). It was a privilege being your daughter, masya Allah, Allah is so so kind to me always. I have no idea how I deserve you . You have been and always a blessing that I wish I could keep forever in sya Allah. May Allah give amma the best in life always. You often tells us that you lost your mother at very young age, you never gotten the chance to know her fully and didn’t get to learn things from your mom. Ma, if ammuma is around today, she will be so so proud of you walahi and wished she gets to know you too. You have been and always will be my strength in life. There were so many difficulties in life but with the strongest person by my side, I was able to brave things that I never thought I could. You were one of the reasons why I didn’t give up in life. You raised me up everytime I fall without failure.

When I asked, what are her goals, she told me this “your goals are my goals and your success is my success”. Today is the day, take what you truly deserve amma. That smile I saw on your face and hug I receive when you held my scroll was the best thing I could ask for amma. I seriously wouldn’t be able to repay even one bit of what you have done for me ever. Love you so so much ♥♥♥

I never had nice pics with amma in recently years, all thanks to my lovely girl Shahidah Hameed for this wonderful pics. You ppl can book her for your session. You ppl will love it


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