Graduation Appreciation: Siblings

Being your eldest sister have given me so much courage and strength. I was often reminded by my teachers that being the first one in the family, the first-born have the responsibility to set the bars high but I need to admit that you ppl were seriously the reasons I could set the bars high. Being Sameena and Syarifudeen’s sister gave me superpowers to accomplish things and conquer fear I had. I remember standing as emcee for first time in front of huge crowd(I was scared), I closed my eyes and you ppl were the ones I saw and I didn’t want to disappoint. Not only that so many times, you ppl were one of the reasons I didn’t give up. Big Apples Donuts were never the same without you ppl, well without you ppl I could have the entire piece by myself but it doesn’t taste the same you know. Love you both so so much but that doesn’t mean you can take my chocolates okay. Chocolates is a different account 😂😘 Thank you for staying by my side listening to my complaint and fear and my ramblings at even 2am. May Allah ease everything for you. Couldn’t ask for better eldest sister than me. Be thankful 😂❤️


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