Hit The Wall

Assalamualaikum and absolutely delighted to meet you all in a most awaited post. Hope everyone is lovely as always and showered with more love and happiness. To be honest, this post waited for like three months to be up. I know people I am not updating much lately, deepest apologies people. Hopefully, this post will make up for my absences. Besides that, I also conducted a poll on what you wanted to see soon on my Instagram, I see that you people are loving the motivational / inspiration session more. Also taking this opportunity thanking and sending all my loves as well gratitude to everyone who been following me from day one and  any time at all, the loves and feedback I get on my writing are so so lovely and really close to my heart. Inspiring me to do more. Masya Allah, you people are so sweet ❤

First and foremost, giving the credit for this phrase to my ever-young and gorgeous Sister Intan. She inspired me on this write up. Thank you Sister Intan for everything. Seriously couldn’t thank you all enough for everything you people did for me. Love you all ❤

Getting back to topic,if I remember exactly “Hit the wall !” was uttered number of times around me with me looking blunt and confused at my colleagues not forgetting smiling. The first time I heard these words, I analyse the definition using the literal meaning where it basically sounded like I should hit myself at any wall nearby (haha…. I am sure all of us has been through this situation before where you heard something for the first time, analysed them with their literal meaning and most of the time end up laughing with the analysed definition). Then,  slowly these words suddenly become so familiar until it becomes numb to my sense where I will hear this each time something don’t go as planned.

Then, it was this one fine day that I was stuck with a problem(how can being stuck with a problem fine day, I don’t understand you, Sakeena) and needed to find the way out as soon as possible as I needed to complete testing on it in order keep up with deadline. At this point, I actually felt like I am sitting facing a wall and the only option I have is to just hit the wall. I was sitting there at my desk and felt like everything around me was actually moving except me with no progress. Suddenly,my mind came up with contingency plan: execute those after 1 am, it will be the perfect time to run as not much people will be using the servers and it might work if I am lucky. I was ready to sacrifice my sleep but then Sister Intan came over and said ” Let me guide on how you could read logs and maybe this could help you troubleshoot, get the job done sooner.” Maybe, you people can guess what happened after that, the execution actually workedddddddd after the troubleshooting !!!!!! In the previous release, it actually took 2 to 3 days for me to accomplish that but with Sister Intan’s magical touch, it took roughly 2 to 3 hours only to run the entire thing. It was that moment I finally understood the real meaning of “Hit the wall!!!” and I actually heard something more to it which I didn’t hear before “Hit the wall. You will learn more !!!”. It is very true, I wouldn’t have known how to read the log anytime sooner if I was not put in such situation. I stood up and excitedly said “It is working and I can read log 🙂 (seriously the feeling is unexplained and went home, slept really well that night, sleep is luxury when you have something bugging you like it is a bug or not, is it working well – life of every software engineer).

Let me say it once again and right this time “Hit the wall ! You will learn more !!!” Often times when we are put in situation facing wall, we usually fail to see the beauty and wisdom behind it. Allah knows the best, He will always takes and drops you at your deserving place without expecting anything in return.

There were times in life or all my life thought and feel that doors were better than a wall. Today, I beg to differ by saying that wall are good too. It is true when a path leads you to doors, it could leads you to many doors and sometimes you could turn back. What if you were led to a door which leads you so many doors and you end up in front a wall and no way out, how are you going to pass through or turn back? Lets be creative with our answers  “we can always drill them down or become wall expert and present it to the world”.  No harm turning back also as long you are happy with the choice made.

With these experiences in hand, I wouldn’t mind “Hitting the wall to learn more !” 

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