My High School Loves

Being 24 with these sweethearts actually feel so so good. Never felt better but none of us agree that we are actually 24, I am still 16 at heart and Kirthana stopped with 20 and others owns what they choose. Another note to add, we actually have people who don’t agree that we are 24 and they think we are younger (hehe honestly ppl they exist in real life). Where do I begin with these lovelies and other high school loves of mine. High school was seriously one of the best times in my life. Every life phase of mine has unique and amazing stories as well as lovely people that I cherish. Wouldn’t trade it for any or choose any over another. Alhamdulillah for everything, Allah knows the best and only provide the best.


What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends. Besides stressing about what will I become in the future but seriously when yesterday I look around the table, glimpse of the past and who we are today. Masya Allah I wouldn’t be worried if I saw this future before. All praises to Allah. Definitely our circle was not complete but a sense of completeness strike me with these people by my side. It will be more complete soon in sya Allah. Kak D, it is true the most perfect shape in the world is round or circle, I wouldn’t agree less from yesterday experiences. I know most of  these people for more than 11 years now and in sya Allah counting. Only Allah knows how much I love them, every single one of them. The times spend with them is just full of laughs until our tummy hurts like Stella and Blake says “Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being.”. Yes even yesterday we were all like remember this happened and this teacher was right behind (hahahaha). Especially with Sangeithaa right my god, I can never eat or drink with her, I probably would have died due to choking. That is what I always tell people if I ever die during break time, the suspect is no other than Sangeithaa. In sya Allah, we have two doctors in the house who could rescue me now = Dr V Karthiaini and Dr J Vallidevanai ♥ So Sangeithaa don’t stop girl!!!

I think almost the entire day is actually spent in school for curriculum activities, group studies or revision for like five days a week and the remaining two days of the week at home. Some of my friends actually goes to the same tuition centre, so basically everyday we meet these. We update each other any missed events basically there is nothing much. Teasing each other and not forgetting making fun of everything we do. They judge and let you know straight what they thinking rather than keeping it to themselves. Even so, you are completely comfortable around them.

Most important these people were the ones pull me out besides my family and hit my head hard that I could be myself again many years back. At my down time, I was absolutely broken with the death of my grandmother which happened few days after my result day for my PMR Examination. I was close to her and absolutely loved listening to her stories especially the story of the grandmother frying vadai (indian doughnuts), the way she narrates it. Allah it is actually a blessing to hear such bedtime stories and most importantly with your grandmother. I still remember the words uttered by her. I just love her so so much. And the void she left behind was just too much for me and the family to bear at that point of time and even now. She really wanted to see me get the award for my result but Allah loves her more. It was during holidays. Back to school, I just isolated myself from everyone in school and didn’t really talk to anyone for like one to three months. Sat at the last row and alone, just talked when it is absolutely necessary. Shown every single sign of withdrawal from life. At that point of time, these people did tricks and helped me out a lot. Seriously I don’t remember exactly how did they do it but what I remember laughing out loud one day that I slowly regained myself after that. I am extremely blessed to have so many people…. so many people…… Sometimes I do think that Allah is just too kind to me. I am proud to say that these people where right there through my ups and downs.

Met these people like afters years but nothing actually changed. We are still not over our high school mischievous stories and still get crazy every chance we get. Not missing a single chance. We actually created ruckus yesterday just like how we use to do in school back then. I remember every single teacher saying this is seriously an unforgettable batch. Indeed we were. To all my high schoolmates, thank you for the wonderful memories and love you so so much. Wishing you much love and happiness always.

To my girls, I love you all so so much. Truly proud and happy of who you were, are and will be. Remember I am always your life’s biggest cheerleader but definitely making fun of you first. If anything is hurting you, remember my friend would have commented worse. You are open to any criticism after that. Its okay, take your time and truly enjoy what you do. You will reach destination sooner or later. Just do what makes you happy !!!

People, if you are in school – cherish and make memories with your friends. It is going to last your entire lifetime. If you are done with school, go out and meet your friends because I am not sure whether they will bring out the best but definitely worse out of you. Your heart will feel young and loved all again.








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