Assalamualaikum and a very good day lovelies. Hope you are all doing extremely good and healthy. I am extremely sorry for being away way too long than I am supposed to be. To be honest, I have so much I would like to share with you all but it is just that time  didn’t allow us to meet the goal. Here I am back with an interesting write up and something really close to my heart. Today is my favourite boy’s birthday: Happy Birthday Syarif ♥ Taking this chances to talk about most special and annoying relationship ever in the world : “Siblings” or “Brothers and Sisters”

To be honest, for most of people with siblings like me, I truly understand your feeling :totally have mixed feeling having them where one moment you wish you were the only child to your parents and sometimes you feel what is life without them but trust me, it mostly the first option and no in between. The moment they are born, each of us have already signed the contract to annoy each other for rest of our lives (hehehe). Not forgetting the clauses where their faithfulness to the parents sparks to the peak when we do something wrong.

Having them is not all bad, they could be the rainbow in our black and white lives. Life could be boring without these annoying people. The fun and the food even taste better when you fight for a piece with these people rather than you having them all by yourself. Maybe the feeling of victory when you able to secure a piece (hahaha). Seriously I remember I bought a box of doughnuts for myself but it didn’t taste as good as the one I had to share with them (yes, totally “had to” if not I am never sharing with them). Regarding the box of doughnut I bought for myself, I didn’t finish okay…. chill ppl. Things suddenly becomes important when it is our turn to use something. My sister loves everything I do, wear or anything about me except me. The same with me, she just looks so good in anything and she is able to do accounting after chapter 7 (one of the subject that I totally have no idea how it works but I know what it is happening until chapter 7 and ace it). Besides that, siblings also picks you up on the bad days makes you feel even worse than before in order to make you function normally.

Alright ppl, they are so love-able creature too and superb cute especially when they were in our mummy’s belly and baby. Remember those little hands holding my fingers tight and the smile when they see us. Captured that moments with my heart. I still see the smile and those hands leading us to places. My siblings has tried their level best to teach me cycling and swimming but seriously they have not succeeded until today, I sincerely pity them. When we are broken deep down inside, a shoulder suddenly appear and keeps us company, leaves very quickly the moment we are getting better. Siblings are one of the first enemies we have and first best friends we have too.

Siblings is one of the most important relationship. Despite all these wouldn’t trade any of you for anything, we all three so different but we complement each other and we stronger together. May Allah bless us and everyone now and always. Love you so so much.

Black and white lives is nice too 🙂




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