All + Love = Sister

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone. Absolutely delighted to meet you all with another post that is really close to my heart. Please bear with my titles ppl (computer science student who took 3 mathematics classes in foundation and two calculus classes in degree, logic are part of our lives). So today surprisingly writing about my sister coz its her birthday and I love her too ppl ♥Explaining the equation of “All  + Love = Sister” : sisters are angels send from heaven by Allah who are able to fulfill any roles at the appropriate times and not forgetting their loving side that they don’t seems to show most of the times because it is hard-coded inside and not for display purpose. Besides Sameena, I have so many other sisters who are in my life (masya Allah, seriously what did I do to deserve them). May Allah bless them all always.

Not long ago, when I see loving sisters duo, I have no idea how is it working ppl coz never experienced it(no logic found) and especially when I was watching this drama “Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai”, it was a Hindi drama and my god the sister pair was so so pleasant and lovely to watch.I really hoped my sister and myself shared such a bond.  I did wonder why we were never that way but I must agree that we are different. Where do I start about this little bundle of joy, I am seriously blessed with this girl in our lives especially myself. She was my big sister, not a surprising fact as most of them who meet us always thought I was the younger one (hahaha who ask you to be so tall) but she also take care of me really well. She was right there each moment I needed her even it was 2am, well I was complaining about my final year project and which subject I am suffering currently and she was always my stylish. Credits to her for most of my best hijab days. She loved everything I wear and I love everything she wear(unsolvable problem between us). Need to admit that I am not really a good sister like she is. Most importantly she stood by my side at times I was in absolute broken pieces and lost hope in life. Her words were one of the driver of where I am today. I remember telling her about something that someone told me that did broke the confidence level I had, she said this “I am really sorry for that Sakeena, it must have been painful but why did you change the way you were doing, you shouldn’t be affected by all these. You were doing well!”. This girl sure did show me the other side of the world and age doesn’t determine how wise is someone. Sisters are blessing.  The day she was born I thought I found my life playmate but it didn’t work efficient when we were little like I use to say I get into trouble due to this girl a lot. As we grow old, the magnet poles started attracting each other, it sure did take a very long time to charge the poles. May Allah bless us and the poles continue attracting each other forever.

Every sisters story is different and unique, so this is ours !!! Love you so so much Sameena ♥  Happy Birthday Dearie!


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