Nothing is Impossible

Around 40 girls aged 17 and almost turning 17 years soon dressed in white and turquoise blue(Malaysia’s high school uniform) was sitting in a classroom waiting anxiously for their turn to receive their Additional Mathematics exam paper (killer paper), one by one named being called: Jane…………………………..Karthiaini……………………………………………. and the moment felt so so cold(feels like the names are soon going to be written on death note) and the class which is known to have fun and noisy all the time(never known the definition of silence, teachers need to try really really hard to keep us quiet except for one teacher) and laughter heard every minute suddenly went so so quiet and only voice of Madam Kong is breaking the silence in the air and others are just using sign to communicate if it is absolutely necessary to speak. Most of them just shook their head left and right sign of no upon receiving the paper to their friends, no words used. The more no one sees, the heart beat start beating really fast due to her anxious level increasing rapidly waiting her turn.

At the corner of the class right in front of the teacher’s table(usually this is a sit given to students who teacher wants to monitor but this girl was a good girl and she loves siting here coz it will be very easy for her to ask question to the teachers after the lesson) , a girl with rolled sleeve sit cracking her knuckles and biting her nails and praying for miracle to happen by ensuring that she passed with 40% is sufficient for her to continue living the life(why did I use almost five lines to explain about this girl coz I was this girl….. hehe importance). Suddenly the name “Sakeena” echo in my cochlear and I walked slowly approaching Madam Kong who was standing on the middle of the class. I rushed to check my marks and it wassssssssssssssssssssssssss 38%, my heart was shattered into pieces and I just drop my head facing to the ground and walked back to my place. Tears filled my eyes but I continued looking into my paper to find two more marks to satisfy my soul, found nothing coz whatever I wrote don’t seems to make sense at all.

The grey cloud followed me everywhere I go that day with SPM (O-Level) exam just a few months away, my future seems to be in danger. I was back home and it was Friday night where good movies are usually being played on that day last time. My mom came to call me to watch the movie, I personally love watching movies and what was a motivation my mom use to give me back then in primary school to ensure I study well: my mom said this is the age to study and you can’t redo it in the future but these movies will be here forever and when you are successful you will be able to buy the entire collection and watch at your convenience. I rejected my mom’s offer and wanted to continue studying that night, she was shocked, she came close and sit beside me saying that I need a break asking what is wrong(mom always know when you are down and something is disturbing you). I haven’t told her regarding the marks not that my parents are strict with me and wanted to score the perfect or well all the time, they also cool about grades and I was the one who use to get so worked up when I score less. I was worried and gather the courage to tell her, said I will definitely fail this paper and my entire future is gone.

At that moment, she said this powerful words that changed my entire course of my life, this is was what she said “Nothing is Impossible in this world, you will need to work really hard for what you want in life and pray to Allah, he will easy everything for you“. I am born a debater, I replied her by saying ” I tried really hard already but I am stupid, I cannot do this, Additional Maths is not my cup of milo”. Her replied changed my view on life “if others can, you can definitely do it too! Don’t give up, I believe you can do it and my children are not stupid! 🙂“. She convinced me to watch that movie that night, I can’t remember what movie was it but the conversation before is something I will treasure forever. Sometimes the believe you give to someone could give new meaning to the battle of theirs. Therefore next time, you meet someone who is struggling with something, don’t forget to tell them “Nothing is Impossible and I believe in you!“. Those words are the words some people are dying to hear without them knowing, it is the words that reaches the souls.

This story doesn’t end here, this is where the new beginning took place. It took me basically 2 months to master Functions chapter only(a definite chapter in each test, two to three question) but after that any question related to functions is solvable in split of seconds and started teaching others on this too saying it is easy, seriously unbelievable change that I couldn’t achieve in last 1 year and half.  Just few days left for the Add Maths O-Level paper, I remembered I went to meet Madam Kong(I was her class representative for two years for both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, she helped me a lot in  with my studies, thank you very much teacher ♥ and not forgetting my others teachers in school, thank you very much teachers ♥, I am who I am because of you teachers) past year book filled with doubts on most of them on form 5 questions, she taught me the easy ones and she asked me to concentrate on the form 4 questions coz most of them will be that, I will pass with just that.

Drum rolls…. here comes the day of result…….When I saw my result paper, it was so so unbelievable for me to see my result for the paper and obviously not A+ but alhamdulillah got an B+, it was just too much for someone who failed the subject most of time.  All these will never be possible without my parents, sibling, Madam Kong and Karthiaini(she is superb smart, taught me all the tips and tricks to solve theses question, guess what she got “A+”). I forgot to mention she was the reason I started blogging, it was her idea, thank you sweetheart ♥

Sometimes there is time we thought that everything was over, some lights start showing and change the course our life to something that we never expect.  In this world, we all fighting a battle of our own, don’t forget to share with your loved ones. They will be always be greatest supporter and cheer person in your life. Don’t forget when someone find you with their worry, never forget to give them some kind words and so much of love and support.

To future creator out there, never feel afraid to try out those impossible you put aside. Nothing in this world is ever stopping and will be able to stop you unless it is yourself. There will be people who says “It is impossible.”, work so hard so that they will say “Congratulation, you did it!” in the future. If everyone felt it was impossible, we wouldn’t have what we have today. Keep working for what you want in life, Allah will bless you more in sya Allah. All the best and I just want to say “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE“.

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  1. Actually the hope that they have on us is the fuel that keeps us going.. so nicely written and I am not the reason why you started blogging. It’s you and only you!!!

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