My First Baby

For those who rushed to this post……chill people, my first baby is none other than my baby brother who is growing up superb fast. I think many people have experienced this motherly love towards their younger siblings but let me tell you, it didn’t happen with my sister but this little boy was different. I am pretty sure that my dad is like where is the post on me, wait a little longer atta: holding a little longer for the best. Started drafting this post on my brother on the day he left for a camp for three days and two nights, yes you read right. Three days and two night, I couldn’t sleep thinking about the lil one. Missed him dearly. I have no idea how am I going to survive when he leaves for his higher education soon. Next my sister is going to come after me I am out five days a week but I didn’t get a post on me…. hehehe…….

Starting from my mother’s pregnancy period, I wasn’t that excited elder sister with my future sibling like talking to the baby in my mummy’s tummy but I did do it when mom was pregnant with Sameena. All that was on my mind was and wished that my future sibling (I didn’t know it was a boy) will not be annoying as my sister was. I was 8 that time and I had my reasons guys….. She bullies me people despite being 5 years younger than me but she cries (guess who gets punished most of the time), she hits me and she cries (its not like I don’t cry or it was not painful, because I personally felt like I was not a kid anymore, so I don’t cry) and the moment I want to teach a lesson, I am trouble already. Asian elder kids problem.

Back to the story people, I accompanied my mom for the checkups and for your information never missed one and made sure it was not scheduled during my school time but I don’t remember seeing the fetus through ultrasound but I remember tasting every sweet the doctor had in his treat bowl. I am so sorry to disappoint you people but let me remind you again I was 8 that time. I did follow my mom for her walking session as instructed by my aunty, Hajoor mami and in here my intention was pure as me (hehehe) and my love for outdoor activities.

On the day of his birth, my entire family was waiting for the news of his birth and my mom was admitted that night and both my sister and I was waiting at home with our family, I still remember we get to sleep with our grandmother. Some of  them were at the hospital and some were at grandmother’s room. I stayed up really late I guess past 10 o’clock(yes ppl that pass my bedtime, I have to attend school the next day in case the baby was not born yet) and eventually felt asleep at my grandmother’s bed. My sister was wide awake since my mom was not there, she was the clingy one. I was more independent since young but loved sleeping holding my dad’s hands. I woke up in between and my sister was still awake and superb happy that she went to see the baby first, I did go around asking people why didn’t anyone wake me up when they went but no reply from any. They promised me to bring me the next morning and of course I missed school coz it was more important to meet my little brother.

Subhanallah, I saw him for the first time and feel in love with the little one instantly not forgetting him smiling, at that moment I had no idea that I wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world ever in sya Allah. He was practically an easy kid to deal with except that he needs constant change of milk coz he doesn’t drink the same. I remember the first time I put him to sleep by walking around the dinning table carrying him(so many rounds), he fell asleep, that was the very moment I felt so proud of myself that I was able to put him to sleep but I did try the same technique again but it didn’t work people.

I remember teaching him to ride a toy car and I left him for awhile and he climbed the door grill (my mom stand stunned  from the outside, she thought I did it and I need to show demo on what happened). These memories and many more that I will cherish forever.


Bonding with him was so so special and I guess his tricks and treats most of the times. May Allah bless him with the best always. Even though, he loves annoying me but it seems to be something that I miss and the house is so quite without the little badmash. Love him so so much and he bright up our life.

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