Bridesmaid’s Call 2

Finally here comes the day of the engagement, I am in a complete mess and I am not sure whether I can make it to Tasyah’s engagement(seriously……. I know I am terrible friend). Do you want to know why? I actually signed up for an online training which requires me to attend the training from 9am – 5pm and then I need to attend my tailoring class which I just started too (3pm until don’t know what time). I am in dilemma would I be able to attend her engagement or not. I got the dates a bit messed up, so yeah. This is what happened when you don’t have a proper planner (I have learned my lesson this year). I feel so so bad I will not be able to attend my good friend’s engagement and told her too. She was seriously superb cool person and she said she understands but you know its your friend’s engagement, you need to be there….. Alhamdulillah, thanks to my understanding lab assistant and my teacher that made it to her engagement (omg yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, alhamdulillah)and yeah arrived there late but at least I could see her.  I was not able to help her with the preparation. I had to call her so many times coz the uber app couldn’t locate her house. Despite all the worries I had in my mind, I had to look presentable for my friend’s ceremony. Here is my outfit, all thanks to my cousin, Fauziah akka for this beautiful outfit. I loved the color combination, most importantly fit the theme.


Arrived there I was pretty sure it was that house coz I checked out the place at google’s street view already(sometimes you go to places you don’t know, it is huge help). My mom who were superb worried and keep on calling over and over again until I arrive. I was so anxious coz my friend is getting engaged(I don’t know how to explain the feeling), gosh I took sometime to enter the house. After informing my mom that I reached there safely and I entered her house, the first person I meet was her grandma(omg, coolest grandma I have ever seen and she introduced herself and asked me to call her “mami”, meeting mami felt like I know her for years even though it was my first time meeting her). Mami showed me the way to Tasyah’s room, there she was sitting and the makeup lady was at work. I was just sitting down there watching the artist at work. Almost the final touch up, the sister said just make sure she don’t cry and I was like I guess I will be needing someone to take care of me too, I am already tearing seeing her like this. Zalikha, Anis and Faz left to get ready as they were busy all day the long running chore for the preparation. I helped her get ready and heard a common bride concern “I don’t think I am going to fit into the dress” but she fit perfectly you guys. Then, the accessories(she said that this is my grandma’s, it was so so beautiful). Here comes the tricky part, the head scarf, I was like even mine my sister was the one who helped me with it. Anis, Faz and Zalikha came to the rescue and helped her secure it with pins provided by mami. Mami got ready and came to see Tasyah and said that the makeup is too light, should have requested a bit more heavier especially the lip color but she was so so happy with how Tasyah looked and superb excited with the ceremony to start. Masya Allah, she looked absolutely stunning(not like she was not beautiful before but today seeing her all dolled up was different) and so so happy for her, well got a bit teary, I realize that I am little emotional these days. Husna arrived too. We all got ready and as usually we girls starting snapping pics like a lot and until everyone is satisfied with their own pic(you know girls). Two of the people were not able to be there.


Waiting for Fitri’s family to arrive, we the girls waiting most importantly Tasyah and the photography session continue inside the room. Not forgetting her complaining how expensive flower bouquet are these days.

As soon as Fitri’s family arrived, two of us(I couldn’t recall who) accompanied Tasyah out to meet them and on the way, Tasyah hit someone who was sitting on the way coz she couldn’t see and she was not wearing her spectacles(hehe). Alhamdulillah the ceremony went well, all praises to Allah. Experience the poem session prepared by her grandpa, it was beautiful. I remember she teared listening to it. They food prepared by her mom was amazing, loved it. Finally, my friend here is somebody’s fiancee.


Ending the day, giggling and we were the loudest there and so much food. I was not able to stay there that night coz the online training starting early morning the next day too, needed to be back home to attend it. They had nasi lemak session after that, I was superb full ppl, couldn’t eat some more already but Husna is keeping talking about how delicious it was, I regret why I didn’t join them that night. Alhamdulillah and Masya Allah, my friend Tasyah is engaged.


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