Bridesmaid’s Call 1

On the 3rd of October 2017, we(I meant Husna, Wahida and myself) didn’t see it coming at all. A lady made us wait anxiously saying that she has something for us and it’s surprise. This lady is Tasyah and she is full of surprises and love of course. Her full name is Natasyah and in short we all call her ‘Tasyah’. That day is still fresh in my memories. Deep inside our hearts, we were all waiting to hear that she is staying with us. In few days time, she will be leaving the company due to end of contract for her internship period. This bonding between us started with us having lunch break and sharing crazy stories together. I knew Husna (coursemate, batchmate) and Wahida(bestie, roommate, floormate for 4 years, coursemate) even before the internship period as we were university-mates. We were so lucky to receive placement for our internship at the same company. Btw, we didn’t plan this. It was a pure coincident. Where else, Tasyah was an intern I meet there at work who quickly become our favourite hangout person inside and outside office. In short, she is a Sri Aman girl(I thought they hate us) who I wish meet her earlier. She is one year younger than three of us but meeting her did change the saying “a year older, a year wiser” and age is just number. She inspires people like no other and ppl I could go on and on about for days. Love her so so much. Four of us become thick friends after so many lunch session and story sessions (I miss it so so much).

Back to the story, Tasyah came down smiling and hiding something paper like by her side. She slowly raise her hands from her sides to check something on those white paper and soon handed it over to each one of us. We were all shocked to see what we received. It was a “Bridesmaid Invitation” (I wish to insert a shocked emoji here). Omg, we were all jumping in happiness. Seriously so much happiness because our friend is getting married. Well, it is not a total surprise we know that she has found the right one and getting married soon and forgetting we know the dates too but we being the bridesmaids, never thought about it at all. We were all so so excited and this was my first bridesmaid’s call and my first ever friend getting married. We all posted it immediately in our Instagram stories making people so confused of who is getting married coz this girl here did not mention her name there but our names where the only ones mentioned. Some guessing game going on for little while, then Wahida posted it in her instagram account and almost everyone confirms that she was the one getting married (haha….we who know the truth even played along as if she was the bride-to-be how bad are we…hehe).


Future brides, this design is perfect card to stir up some confusion and to get your friends into trouble too(hehe… but a lovely card indeed). After receiving this card made us so so responsible because we had to help stressful bridezilla without a dress for her engagement. She was in a dilemma of whether to wear something she had already or buy something new and stitch in just short period of time.

Soon(I mean that night) “E-Day Bridesmaids” group (this includes her other four friends too) was formed and our first task arrived, “Please, wear blue”(yes, you read it right ppl, the help she wanted was she wanted us to wear blue). So basically any shades blue was okay as long blue. She also said that she will be wearing white. Despite having my wardrobe filled with blue, I freaked out and looking for something to wear. This is very common for Sakeena to freak out on what to wear every event she goes(not a surprise at all).

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-03 at 9.09.34 PM

Trust me, she has an amazing family by her side that went with her for a very little planning of it. We were all ready for bridezilla to call us for help. She did not need much of our help. On 6th of October 2017, our group was alerted and updated that “my grandma and my mom being over” with the pic of her mom holding some fabric. Now, we knew that she had made her mind or forced to get something new by her grandma and mom. We are getting so much excited for the day.

On the 9th of October, second task came in saying “I need your nails on 15/10. Please be free”. Bride’s word are our orders but she tried her level best to accommodate for all of us. Awkward silence between Tasyah’s other friends(Faz, Anis, Zalikha and Elsa) and us were broken that day and thanks to Tasyah we meet four more amazing friends. They were lovely people.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-09 at 8.24.20 PM

Please pardon me ppl, most of you guys complain I write too long. Sorry I cannot use less words, sis cuba dah tak boleh(sister tried but not possible). Therefore, breaking this post into several blog post. Hope you guys like it. Next stop is her engagement day, please do stay tuned amazing ppl 🙂

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