Small Gestures

Really sorry ppl, this post should have been up few days back. In conjunction with the National Random Act of Kindness Day, I wanted to share with all of you a small story that happened awhile ago and gave a big impact or realization to me. This is how it all began on one fine evening after work, I was coming back home tired and exhausted with one step at time (trust me even tortoise would have been faster than me that day). Me from the outside, I am enjoying the evening breeze and scenery(I am blessed with an amazing clubhouse, all thanks to Allah and my dad, alhamdulillah). Teens playing football and kids playing football(yes, two separate groups and sometimes when they unite, it is festival you guys) and some swimming in the pool. But me from the inside, seeking excuses to skip the exercise session that day(man……., I wish exercising or workout was easy as sleeping). Whenever you are tired, you carrying a lightest thing possible can be like Bahubali carrying the Shiva Linga. Well, it was literally just me on that day and of course without all the sound effects. Upon reaching close to my elevator, I saw a little girl(she was four or five but with the body frame of two year old) entered the elevator and in my heart I was like I will take the next one , I didn’t rush because I thought the little girl wouldn’t want to wait for me since I was a little far and extremely slow(well, I couldn’t see that she was waiting for me or not). The moment I reached the elevator, the door was still open and all thanks to the little girl who were holding it for me with her tiny hands, she was so small and struggling to keep the door open and that all just for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Seriously, I was so so touched and at the same time guilty too for making her wait.

Think it this way people, she had a choice and she could have just left but she didn’t. Maybe for her it could be a random thing but for me it was so so special and act of pure kindness. It also gave a big realization that sometimes it is some small things that we do with or without realization can give big impact to others. I remember the days I came back home from work and my neighbors greeted me with so much love and warm and so much like family. Sometimes just smile can be more than sufficient.

No need for big ones, well it is not about quantity but quality. I use to think that I am only able to change the world and making it a better place if I could stand in the United Nation or be the richest person possible to contribute to the nation and ummah I truly love but that little angel prove me wrong. And little things you do matters and don’t forget “we are one big family”. These little things would definitely be big in someone’s eye. Next time, you walk that door, remember to hold it for the other person who is approaching it and little act of kindness everywhere you go will mean a lot to them. Another thing I forgot to mention “Everyday is #NationalRandomActofKindnessDay” Let the love and kindness spread every corner of this universe 🙂

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