Indian Fashion

The word ‘fashion’ alone has never gone out of season and always been trending every season. Fashion industry is ever-growing and almost every second at least one designer is penning down or sketching his/her idea to communicate and create the design into a masterpiece that he/she dream off. In the context of Wikipedia, fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. The word  fashion is often consider synonym to clothing even though it is related to other categories as well. In the western, clothing styles changes every season like Spring Trends, Summer Trends, Fall Trends and Winter Trends. These four season of fashion is defined by the change in the weather there and in need for new creation to cater the change. Where else, Asian countries on the other hand do not experience much change in weather to any extreme like four season countries do. Therefore, Asian fashion tends to be defined by the festival season and occasion as well more on casual wear for more comfort and style.

Indian fashion is no longer foreign to the fashion industry. In fact, Indian fashion has been growing rapidly with the emergence of many contemporary fashion designers. Besides that, clothing in India varies depending on the different ethnicity, geography, climate and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India. These clothing also help us tells stories of the past, this includes histories and tradition of them to the younger generation. That is the main reason most of the contemporary designer are trying their level best to retain the cultural values the style own. Not only that continuous renewals of the fashion (what I meant by continuous renewals of the fashion is the improvement or adding some elements to the existing design) tends to attract more people to adorn these dress for many occasion and festivals. Nowadays, these clothing is not only wore by the Indian but they are also worn by many people from different background and cultural value due to its diversity in color and the beauty of the clothing line itself. Beside the festival itself inspiring the creation, celebrities being one of the main influence of the fashion industry in India.


Once a upon time, the clothing line or fashion in India use to be more diverse and latest due to the clothing is designed and produced there which makes distribution of the fashion easier in that location. The means for distribution of product was limited and making the cost of distribution expensive. It was quite difficult to synchronous the Indian fashion industry worldwide. Even if we have the latest pieces on store, the cost of that product is not as affordable as it is now due to shipping cost attached to its price tag.  The advancement of technologies has done us all a huge favor and indirectly making the more options to deliver these Indian fashion heritage worldwide and making available everywhere possible. May the Indian heritage and tradition is glorified with the growth of Indian fashion.

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