Winter in Malaysia

Last few days has been a bliss to Malaysian, truly a cool breeze! The weather was doing a huge favor to us Malaysian by recording one of the lowest temperature in months and perhaps years. Malaysia being one of the Asian countries blessed with summer season almost all round the year and with sufficient rains, this weather was truly a surprise to us. Those days were celebrated with hashtags like #WinterinMalaysia #Malaysiasejuk #ColdMalaysia and many more.


I am sure for people from countries with four seasons or visited them have gone through even extreme temperatures. This temperature was cool enough for me especially but did not turn of my fans of course. Well, it was still bearable for me. I enjoyed it with my pink nose(people thought I was sick). I had my sister begging to turn it off but I didn’t give in. I heard from my friends too how they keep up with the weather. We didn’t need the air conditioner for several days and I keep checking if it was switched on all the day long. I did feel like I was vacationing at Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands (two of the common place known for cold breeze like this in Malaysia). Alhamdulillah, loving it and all praises to Allah for an amazing country like Malaysia. Forgot to mention about Asian moms who are overly concerned with their laundries did not get enough sun lights to dry(they are really important and cute).

Do tell me how you coped with “Winter in Malaysia”? or How you cope with cold weather in general? Maybe by drinking hot chocolate wrapped in a blanket ….

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