This time around I have too many things I would like to share in my post and I am really sorry if it is too long to read. First foremost, thank you so so much for all your love and support towards my blog posts. I never expected such a response from all of you. Thank you very very much ppl. I also apologies for any short comings from my side. In sya Allah I hope to come up with many good contents in the future. I have many topics planned and some ideas do pop up suddenly and cuts the queue to be published like this one here. This topic crossed my mind Thursday night and I have been superb excited to start writing this with my favourite songs on repeat(something that I am loving, the me time I suppose).

On Thursday night besides the idea to “Beautiful” post another great thing happened, some words that was so meaningful to me was uttered by my mom(I guess I disappointed most of my friends here because they want me to share my love life soon but this is my life ppl). This is what my mom said “I wanted to share your blog post with uncle(my favourite uncle and closest to my heart, I call him Singapore Mama (Singapore Uncle))” and I was like “why would you do that?…why?”. Her reply was “Yes, I definitely would and also mention that my daughter wrote it”. Btw, she didn’t share yet, she forgot it seems but that is not the point here even though it matters. From that moment, my eardrum is keep on echoing those word over and over again. Those words from my mom meant everything to me and I feel like I won the best writer award in the world. I felt like Picaso, J.K.Rowling and most importantly my mom is proud of me. It is not like she was not proud of me before but this was different ppl. Masya Allah, this was beautiful to me, very very beautiful to my heart.

For my featured image, I was looking for an amazing scenery(my love for amazing view never gets old but I don’t have enough time for such captures now, I miss it) from my photo gallery and there I came cross a picture of my mom, I thought could anything in the world be more beautiful than she is(beside me lar and knowing the fact that is she is my mom too which makes her extra beautiful but she wouldn’t agree though, no no not about her beauty, that she is beautiful because she is my mom). Probably, the earliest faces I saw when I was born beside the doctors and nurses. I am not sure about what I thought at that moment when I first saw her but today and right now she is the most beautiful one now and always.


Seriously, if I could I would just say “beauty of a person lies in their hearts and nothing else” and end it right here but I would love to elaborate my view on this (mixed feelings). Like usual, we begin with definition by Mr Google (but do you know why I like to mention definition of the word in my post(so research format….I know boring, bear with me ppl) because it always good to view different literal meaning of the word and later narrow down to what I want to share). So according to Mr Google (or like my colleagues say Pak Cik Google(Uncle Google)), beautiful is defined as pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically or also known as of a very high standard; excellent and many other common synonyms like attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing and many more.

Well, is that all??? Beauty or beautiful are defined wrongly in my opinion or we can also say that they missed an important part of its definition. We or I can myself tend to define the beauty of a person based on appearance of the person and of course it is important too but the beauty of your heart matters the most. My mom once told me that “I keep everything you gave me in my heart and only Allah is able to see it. Even doctor is able to operate my heart out but will never be able to see what is concealed in it”. Does it mean what is concealed in the heart will never be known other than Allah. Actually, the beauty of the heart is known through the actions and the feeling can be sense by the care given by them. When start valuing beauty of heart, the beauty that appear to the eye dim. The beauty of heart sparkles like diamonds, after sometimes the beauty of appearance doesn’t matter and eventually fade away.

My bestie Sangeithaa told me that with the advancement we have, appearance of person can be beautified, yes definitely needs hard work and with serious discipline it can be reached. Beautiful inside is rare. The beauty of heart needs time to be sensed. Well, this can also be said like this “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Think about the time you watch a movie starred by new actor/actress, at the start of movie the unfamiliar face appear normal to you by the end of the movie appear to be beautiful to you based on the character of the person holds in the movie. Not forgetting nowadays villains of the movie is so good-looking and sometimes better than the hero of the movie. After all, the hero still win the heart of the audiences at the end of movie. Nowadays, some villains win it too 🙂

From now onwards, let emphasize the beautiful inside and out. The beautiful inside can be achieved by inviting more positivity into your life. Look on the good side more than you see on the other side. Life slowly becomes beautiful. Everything around you will turn beautiful as if you are the person with magical touch where everything you touch turns into something beautiful and lovely.

Hereby, I appeal to change the definition of the word ‘beautiful’ in you, who is with me? What do you think about beautiful? I do love to hear them. Have beautiful life, beautiful.


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