50 Happy Things 2018

In the midst of identifying and listing down my 2018 resolution and of course going through my accomplished and unaccomplished resolution of the previous years, I found an amazing post by Dawn Quyle Landau  on 50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude which can make the beginning of the new year more fabulous than it is. This time around I am taking a little longer to list my resolutions and making sure it is more realistic.  I wanted to take a break from the resolution list and start right away with the gratitude list as soon as I read the post but didn’t find the time.  I suggest all of you try this out too. Look up the rules on Dawn’s blog post. It is great thing she has started. Guys, I would loved to read your gratitude list, please do share with me.

Like Melody Beattie quoted “Gratitude makes sense of our past, bring peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow”. Here is my list (My Gratitude list of 2017):

  1. My family (Alhamdulillah and many many thanks to Allah for blessing me with an amazing family: my father, mother, sister, brother, uncles, aunties, cousins, grandmother, grandfather, nieces, nephews and everyone in my family, love them to bits).
  2. My mom (Seriously what would I do without her, my every success and behind every step I take she is there and right there, my motivator and iron lady in my life). IMG_1397
  3. My dad (All praises to Allah for a blessing called atta. He was the best father yesterday, he is the best father today and He will be the best always. His love and support means a lot to me).IMG_6390
  4. My sister (The fashionista and my lovely sister, started every different part of my life with her by my side, the best motivator and someone who says go for it every time I am afraid to try something new, I just love her).
  5. My brother (Apple of my eye, my amazing brother and love him so so much).
  6. Baking (This is my chemistry experiment and relaxing time).
  7. Amazing supportive and loving people around me (Masya Allah, Allah’s blessing to me).
  8. Internship life (Meet amazing people, I couldn’t ask for more than this).
  9. The final semester of my degree life (So much fun).

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  10. Write ups (my random write ups).
  11. My online store “Sakeena Sirajudeen Collection”.IMG_6392
  12. Kattupuchi (My loves from high school, missing some).IMG_6396
  13. My colleagues (Caring and lovely people who were family at work).
  14. Food Adventures (I love food people, those were my happy times too).IMG_5236
  15. Gym session (The feeling I am getting fit).
  16. Penthouse with lovely people (people who made my university life special and amazing).IMG_6373
  17. Yuna followed my online store (Not forgetting talked to her too, so humble and nice).
  18. Swimming with my siblings.
  19. My lecturers (So much knowledge and motivating words).
  20. My Final Year Project (A New Online Fake News Detection and Filtering Algorithm, really thankful for my partner Fatihah Alwani and my supervisor Dr Adamu).IMG_6716
  21. Winning the Best Research Based Project for my Final Year Project(Unbelievable moments, receiving it from my favourite family makes it extra special, FYP Family).IMG_6719
  22. Music (so much amazing songs I was drawn into).
  23. Jump street adventure.
  24. My mandala art artist (Karthi….. everything about her, our conversations. My love.).IMG_6371
  25. The girl with golden voice and makes everyone laugh (Sangeithaa, she will be a next huge thing in music soon).IMG_5657
  26. ICETSS Thailand 2017 Experiences (First time presenting my paper in a conference).

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  27. The month of Ramadan (Blessed Month).
  28. Reading the al-Quran.
  29. Singing session (pretending my voice is great too).
  30. Great Movies.
  31. The Intern (Meet this inspiring girl and who gave me ideas to rebuild my dream, my intern life would be so dull without them, love them all so so much). IMG_6398
  32. Tasyah’s Engagement (My First Friend getting engaged, Masya Allah so happy for her. Her family is so nice).img_2529.jpg
  33. Reading inspiring stories.
  34. Kuch Rang Pyar  Ke Aise Bhi (My favourite show, still watching the episodes over and over again).
  35. Happy and satisfied customers (I love what I do).IMG_6391
  36. Cooking (Trying out new recipes and fun time with amma).
  37. Family gatherings (The time when everyone gathers in an event, seeing everyone together, family time).
  38. Outing with friends.
  39. Vallidevanai (Omg, what do I say about this girl,she was more than just an ordinary friend, she was there with me in my roller coaster ride of life).IMG_2955
  40. My trip to Thailand.
  41. Presenting the research paper (It was not that bad for the first but way too good for the first time too).
  42. Tailoring class (Skill classes and me are just impossible, unbelievably I am doing good).
  43. Organizing events.
  44. River trekking (Unexpected outing to Sg. Pishang).
  45. Sharing and joy of giving.
  46. Breathtaking views (This was from Genting Highlands).IMG_5268
  47. My batch mates (The bonding we shared were just amazing).IMG_6393.jpg
  48. Finally started blogging (Started on the 31th December 2017).
  49. My job (Alhamdulillah).
  50. Wearing a dress from my own collection.IMG_6377
  51. Inspiring what-sapping session (with so many people especially Valarmathi).
  52. Amazing songs.
  53. My birthday surprises.
  54. My research paper got published.

Masya Allah and alhamdulillah for everything in my life. All praises to Allah. Really thankful for everything in my life.

11 thoughts on “50 Happy Things 2018

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  1. Sakeena, I LOVE your list, and I’m so honored and happy that you checked out my 4ht annual #BloggersUnite! Your list is not only fun, and different from mine, I appreciate your acknowledgment and praise to Allah, in so much of what you do. Your faith and gratitude for all you have and do, is moving. The photos are great, and I love that you promote your business… it looks wonderful! Hopefully others will find it, thru’ blogging. 🙂

    Regarding resolutions, if you check out the link in my post about resolutions, you will see that your struggle is a common one. I’ve given up resolutions, and I’m going with intentions. 🙂 All the best in this New Year and thank you so much sharing and joining!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Seriously, Dawn wonderful thing you have started, I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to list 50 and when I was finally done I couldn’t really believe the list I came up with and the sense or feeling I had in heart was wonderful. It was absolute joy being a part of this. Thank you very much 🙂
      I would definitely check out your post on resolutions, I guess it will be a great help of course. I don’t know why the resolutions list this year don’t seems to excite me like it use to. All the best to you in everything you do and thank you very much for creating such great #BloggersUnite!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s really my pleasure, Sakeena! And connecting with other bloggers, is magical. I agree, the more you sit and type, the more rewarding and powerful it is, to recognize gratitude. Although, 50 is not required–– that’s why I changed the instructions; I don’t want people too intimidated to do it! Thanks again for sharing! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

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