Does it stop: Ambition ?

Assalamualaikum and wishing you all wonderful days ahead. Absolutely delighted to meet you all again in a new post. Hope you people are doing well and fantastic. Without further delay, let’s get started. Got inspired with my last Saturday meetup, that meetup was something that I least expect but got to agree upon arriving I caught myself introducing me to room full of aspiring young people who actually shake my mind and myself so much that actually got me thinking a lot which made so many question appearing on my mind and be it the question or the answer to the question gave me new spirit in life. Even though,  I am just 24 but I felt old among them at that time. Why was it?

This is how all those thoughts started evolving with when we were asked to introduce ourselves by stating our name, place of origin, hobby and ambition. I was the first to go and I introduced myself “I am Sakeena from Petaling Jaya” and stumble upon the hobby as I realize that I was too busy with work and falling sick a lot lately that I no longer do hobbies but the instructor said I got to say something on that, so I said “reading” (my long-lost hobby) and I further stated that I don’t have an ambition because I am working already.  The instructor insisted  that I need to mention one, now that I am Test Engineer, I just mentioned “engineer” and sat down with a lot thinking going on my mind. Consolidating myself, I have already achieved them. Does it mean that if one is working already, they don’t have any ambition? As the introduction session go on, so many amazing introductions was going on where their ambition where not something that we hear commonly. I was truly astonished with the group I was sitting with.  Ambition defines who are you and who you want to be. Something that I noticed from the group in most cases the hobbies and their ambition is not related to each other. Like Aura mentioned that her hobby was playing the violin and her ambition is to be become successful business person. Btw, must your hobby be related to your ambition?

“What is your ambition?” has been a common question asked since we started talking or something everyone loved asking until we are finally working. It is absolutely easy to name one when we were younger because we don’t limit ourselves like we do now. Everything is possible. If we notice something cool, we will immediately pick that up as our future profession without analyzing its difficulties. We believe in ourselves and we will work ourselves through. I wonder where does this confidence fade away as we age.  During the final years of school, we struggle so much to name one because we believe that it will be our identity. At later part of our lives, this is the very question that your employer start asking you when you start working. It never stops you know.

Talking about ambition, having one has been norm to the world. Does it mean not having one, is abnormal? Definitely no harm not having one because what matters the most is your happiness. There are times in our life where we sit through life without some specific purpose in life, just living the life as it is or some might be in search of that specific purpose. Both are not guilty of not naming one in fact it is absolutely fine to name even more than one, may be twenty if you have so. It is yours and you have right naming it your way, no ones’ judgement should put you in doubt because it is you being you.

Is ambition that important in life? Like my case, I stumble when I couldn’t mention one because I have always been that person who had thousand and one dreams to be fulfilled, I choose the word dream as mine where often fantasies that I have no idea how I will make it work but always daring in enough to dream. Well, I feel like complete loser at that time and almost issuing myself with emergency code: red saying that life is not in order. But does ambition only evolves around professions? Nope, definitely there is a lot more to ambition than just your profession but why do we often focus that word to only profession…… Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or achieve something, it could be anything in this world and akhirat(the after life). My mom’s ambition is to raise us three well and happy. May Allah ease everything for her and all of us.

Misconception on ambition has to come to an end, ambition is something that keeps driving us in life. It also makes waking up everyday more meaningful and beautiful journey that will make your destination even more gorgeous than it is. Why did I find myself old besides these people I just meet? I was not the same person who dare to dream and wanted to challenge myself to get things in life-like I use to. I have started labeling things with “possible” and “impossible” labels. Those are limitation that we put to ourselves. Be it visiting the space or crossing the road, everything has set of challenges attached to it. It is just whether you want to take the risk or not. Remember this, anything worth having in life is not easy, the harder you work for it, the closer you get to it. The only thing that is stopping you for going after your goals is yourself.

Why did I consolidate myself that I have achieved my dream already? I want to feel comfortable and don’t want to run the marathon anymore because I think I have reached the destination but what I have reached so far is just imaginary destination that soon will start chasing me instead if I don’t work myself up. Having ambition or not you will still be chasing things without you realizing it. Therefore, without an ambition  doesn’t mean you are sitting still and with an ambition doesn’t mean you are running a marathon. Progress in life is what it is and matters.

Wishing you all the best and love in reaching your real finish line in your own path and pace !!!

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