Library Tour: National Library of Malaysia

The National Library of Malaysia also known as Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM). The National Library of Malaysia was initially established in 1966. The building design is inspired to reflect the Malaysians’ identity which is rich in cultural heritage and values. The main building consists of seven floors. This is the official portal of the library that you could visit for more info It is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur at this address 232, Jalan Tun Razak, Titiwangsa, 50572 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. This place can be accessed with public transport. You can definitely plan your outing way better with the help of Moovit app (been using this app for quite sometimes now find it really useful but their estimation for bus arrival is not really accurate, other than that it is truly great app for planning your travel with public transport). We got there by Monorel from KL Sentral station to Chow Kit station. From the Chow Kit station, we got down from Platform 2 exit but unfortunately fail to find the bus stop that we need to get to in order to board the 402 bus to reach the library (which was just on the other side from we were looking for it). Therefore, we took grab car from Chow Kit station to the library straight. Upon reaching, wasn’t sure where was the main entrance as the place was huge and we actually got down at the back of the building with the help of friendly staffs we reached the main entrance. So if you are lost, don’t hesitate to ask around, they will help you.

The operation hours of the library are as below:


Before entering, school bag like bags are advised to be kept at the room below the main entrance where the guards are in charge of the locker room. You are not allowed to bring food items into the library but water bottle is allowed.

The main entrance of the National Library of Malaysia:


Excuse us who are superb happy and excited that we found the main entrance (not forgetting tired and hungry). Don’t worry they have a cafeteria at the Ground floor. We had nice Nasi Ayam Penyet.


Reached this floor with the warmest greeting by the staff there “Selamat Datang (Welcome in Malay) and not forgetting her smile. This is third floor where the English books are kept like the Harvard Collection (Special Collection) and etc:



To be honest, this girl isn’t fan of books or library but no idea why she followed but she was seriously a good help. It was mostly the second picture than the first one but must agree she finished reading last.

Theme for week is reading something is not work related. I seriously couldn’t stop with a few. My kind of adventure since primary school, going to new rack everyday and exploring new books that is more of my kind of break. My friends and my sister was so worried when I said I am going to spend my holiday reading and visiting library. Don’t worry ppl, I was so so happy to find so many books around me but sad at the same time because I couldn’t read many books as the time we got to spend there was quite limited.

Also, I was actually attracted to the children’s library which was located at the Ground floor, opposite the cafeteria. I read about Pinocchio fell into sea in one of Sea Discovery book and had to refresh on the Pinocchio story (hehe..) I remember how I use to dislike going to children’s library when I was young and definitely that is suppose to be my place at that age. I always go to the adult section and enjoy read books there and now it is totally opposite.


Time flew by really really soon and we had to bid farewell to the place:



This is actually our first time here, I had so many expectation on the collection, the library consists of many special collection but the range of books and collection could still be added. Activities could be planned to attract the younger generation to visit the library often.

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