Be Your Own Superhero

Wishing you all wonderful days and hope that this reaches you at your best. Roughly two years ago, I was sitting at a bus stop near a famous Jewellery shop, Poh Kong in Malaysia after my visit to the money changer shop while I was enjoying the view being out after like superb long. Admiring the new face and changes that has taken place on the city. The city has changed so much over the years and so many new shops in town. Suddenly, I heard women screaming from the road in front of me. Well definitely panicked and trying to identify from where it was originating from but couldn’t locate it as many cars and motorbikes was passing by the road at that time. The screaming got nearer and nearer to where I was waiting and the other people who were waiting there were alerted too. Then, I saw two women on motorbike were the ones screaming for help but clearly had no idea what was wrong. Initially thought that the motorbike was losing balance due to a car that went so close to them or their brake aren’t working. Noticed that a motorbike was maintaining similar speed to that motorbike, I thought they were helping them but they were actually pulling the lady’s handbag……… It was snatch and run attempt where as soon as they got her beg, the motorbike speeds to escape. The speed was still accessible by the other vehicles nearby but no one seems to react to the scene. At that moment, I looked up for any superhero to save the situation (being a big fan of Avengers and all) or was hoping any car or bikes would speed to grab the snatcher but to my knowledge nothing like that happened. I was extremely disappointed where I didn’t see any Superman or Ironman  came to the rescue. After some time, I saw the women making several turn around the area to able to get her beg in an absolutely devastated state but don’t seems possible to find the snatcher.

Completed shattered to learn that no Superhero is going to come for the rescue but seriously I have no idea why I expected a Superhero to save the situation. After giving a lot of thought, I decided that if no Superhero is going to be there to save me, I will be my own superhero where you are your very own superhero. You definitely don’t need a cape to be one (but you can always get one if you want) but some precautions to keep yourself safe as much as you could. Well definitely not asking you to fight the snatcher or race to catch them, it is definitely not worth it to risk your life for some belongings of yours. Just imagine while the snatcher pulling the beg, the tendency for an accident to occur was so high coz the cars were so near to the motorbike. The injury could be bad. Always be careful with the surrounding especially if you are withdrawing money make sure no one is keeping an eye on you. If you are crossing the road, make sure you aware of the vehicle nearby and poles, nowadays people tend to cross the road while playing their phones or driving while playing their phones. Take care of yourself because no one else is going to come for your rescue. If you are bringing kids along, please take care of their well being as well. I know in some situations it is something that we are not able to avoid such incidents but we could definitely reduce the chances of happening.

Your safety is definitely in your hands, that includes your loved ones as well.

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