#WorldMentalHealthDay 💛

To be honest, I just wanted to say “It’s okay not to be okay” but then you know me… I got a lot to say.

Well over these past months have been quite challenging to all of people I know personally including myself. Some conversation really got me thinking a lot on life, completely figured out I wouldn’t say I did(in fact impossible) but some perspective changes that really hit hard and absolutely necessary.

⁃ Allah really love us so so much 🤍

⁃ Not everyone hate you but at the same time, you cannot please everyone.

⁃ Some ppl really care about you and love you, appreciate those 😘❤️

⁃ Some ppl could be mad at you for doing the right thing.

⁃ Being perfect is impossible.

⁃ Just be brave and do it! – without giving it a try you will never know the outcome.

⁃ Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it – Charles S. Swindoll

⁃ Patience is paramount and very important quality in life.

⁃ Sleep is necessity(must have and not nice to have).

⁃ Someone out there feels better because you exist. Remember that!

⁃ Life takes love and perseverance, may Allah guide us to where He wants us to be.

⁃ Somethings are worth getting upset over but most things are not worth getting upset over.

⁃ When you have good opportunities to share something good with someone, do it. Don’t hold back.

⁃ You should be smart about what you say and when you say.

⁃ Sometimes just because it is easy and you know something is right, maybe laziness gets in the way.

⁃ It’s okay to take a break 😉

⁃ No matter what happens, love with all your heart always coz that love is for you ❤️❤️❤️

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